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Gordon's My "Insurance Man"

That's what business owners in southwestern Ontario
have been proudly telling their friends for more than 20 years.

"My Insurance Man" … you don't hear that much today because everybody's so wrapped in being self- important … but not Gordon. For him, you are the most important and he makes sure that you can:

Protect yourself and your family from business liabilities
Create a guaranteed sale at the right price for your business interests when you need it most
Be sure that you can stay in business even if you get sick or severely injured
Defend yourself smartly from the loss of a key employee
Develop a source of tax-free cash you can draw on to pay bills if you suffer a health disaster
Provide high value but low cost benefits programs to protect your employees and their families ... including yourself

In short ... just the straight goods from a straight shooter ... "Your Insurance Man", Gordon Pilkington.