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How does Gordon build such a loyal following?
Why are his clients so proud to say that he's their "Insurance Man?"

It's simple really ...

Since 1982, Gordon has dedicated himself to learning all about insurance products and how business people can use them to their best advantage. He has all the professional credentials anyone would need but, more than that, he knows how to use them … and explain what he's doing so you can understand.

So, if your needs require the right application of:

Term and/or Permanent Life Insurance
Income Replacement Insurance
Business Overhead Expense Insurance
The New Critical Illness Insurance …

Gordon's your "Man" … Your "Insurance Man"

Over the years, Gordon has also learned a thing or two about saving and investing for retirement with a variety of products like GICs, Segregated Funds and Mutual Funds. All of this is wrapped up with sensible and sensitive planning that gets you where you want to go.

It's the perfect combination.

Gordon's also come up with something completely different … it comes to putting together an employee benefit plan.

Small and even home-based business owners with one to five hundred employees, can now build their own Group Benefit Plan. Packages start at only $89.57 per month and employees can choose from:

• Dental Care
• Basic or Deluxe Home Health Care
• Drug Plans
• Hospital Allowance
• Out-of-country Medical
• Extended Health Benefits

Accidental Fracture
• Accidental Death and Loss of Use
• Critical Illness
• Disability Insurance
• Life Insurance
You'll be impressed with the unique program that Gordon can arrange for you and your employees. You might be particularly surprised by just how reasonable the price can be be, too. To learn more, click here.

The Key is to make Gordon your "Insurance Man" today.
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